Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Ladies and Gentlemen...'The Dones'

So there is this name for millennials who don’t claim membership to a conventional church. They’re called ‘the dones’. Seems fitting if you ask me. Mainly because those labeling people 'the dones’ are, in part, the reason they left in the first place.

This ever-growing group of young intellects aren’t abandoning their faith though. They’re simply tired of religious bureaucracies. They crave tangible faith; something that makes a difference. Not more programming. Not more ministries. Real. Messy. Faith.

Chances are, you know some of 'the dones’. It’s possible you’ve even criticized their lack of commitment to a local “Church” (out of concern for their well-being..of course). Here are 4 things to consider the next time you engage life with (or avoid at Wal-Mart) one of 'the dones".

Dones are not anti-traditionalists. Fact is, a lot of 'dones’ appeal to a traditional orthodoxy. The Nicene or Apostles creed are common prayers they wholeheartedly commit. They highly regard and regularly partake of the Eucharist. They are even becoming some of the most creative and relevant Liturgists of the 21st century. Their departure had nothing to do with order of service.

Dones are not bitter. Believe it or not, since they left, 'the dones’ have thought little about the conventional church they once attended . That’s why they left in the first place. They were…done. Instead, they are seeking out community among other like-minded lifers; with people who are less concerned on why they weren’t at 'church’ two weeks in a row.

Dones aren’t atheists or antagonists. Most 'dones’ simply prefer to not be identified denominationally. They don’t see benefit from sitting through a 6 week class to gain the right to be called insert denomination. They aren’t interested in accolades, or their faith being vetted or approved. They are avid researchers and analyzers. Many of them know theology as well as college professors. The 'dones’ find merit in questions; they see the value with conversations that come with questions; they’re not afraid of questions.

Dones like you. No, really. They do. Honestly speaking, 'dones’ aren’t against those who choose conventional church. They aren’t against congregating relationally. They aren’t anti-social, and certainly don’t think they’re better or more correct in their ideology. They’re ok with being misunderstood and misinterpreted, and they still want to have community with people who think differently then they do.

Whew. Glad that’s over.
We all think a bit different. We all believe a bit different. We all thrive in different environments. Let’s choose to be the difference that connects each other together instead of the decay that tears us apart. After all, you might as well like the people you’ll spend eternity with.

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